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“Usapang Photographia para sa mga Retratista”

This website is an online hangout for photographers in the Philippines. The tagline “Usapang Photographia para sa mga Retratista” means “Photography Talks for Photographers”.  Targeted for the Filipino photography enthusiasts but other nationalities are welcome. Articles are in English but comments and discussions might be in Taglish or Filipino.

In the days of film, Kodak has became a generic term synonymous with photography. Here in the Philippines, when you want a friend to take a picture of you, you say “Kodakan mo ako…”. The blog’s name “KODAKDAKAN”, is a combination of “kodakan” (old Tagalog slang for taking pictures) and “dakdakan” (chat).

KODAKDAKAN and its Youtube Channel will publish gear reviews, photography related news, a photography calendar of events, featured photographers and groups, and tutorials for both photography and videography. We’re also working out deals so that our readers can get surprises and freebies.

Do you want your business, industry or advocacy to get featured in our blog? Or do you also want to suggest some topics, ask questions, and give feedback? Please go to our Contact Us page and give us a message through email or any of our social media accounts, we’ll answer your queries as soon as possible.

Ted Claudio

Ted, the editor-in-chief, is a photography enthusiast since he was in High School. He has been exposed to the art and science of photography ranging from film to digital and uses his cameras and mobile phones for professional blogging.  He currently uses Fujifilm X-E2, Lumix LX-5, and various mobile phones as his weapon of choice.

You can also find his other blogs at:

Rattus Yu

Rattus, partner and Chief Content Creator. 

Miss Rattus is mother to a family of friendly little pet rats and a very chatty Siamese cat. Her pets were featured on TV along with her advocacy to promote rats as wonderful pets. She has been maintaining other blogs about beauty, food, photography and pets since 2009.

Her venture in photography started out with the simple goal of documenting life around her. From a VGA camera phone, she moved on to using a digital camera, a bridge camera, then a DSLR, exploring the world of vintage lenses. Majority of her interests in photography are doing lens porn, lens hacks, shooting landscape, flowers, pets and macros, with a less-than-occasional foray into portraiture and events.

You can also find her other blogs at:
Flickr: Rattus Yu
FB Pages: Pet Rats Philippines, Photo Journal By Rattus Yu