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Varifocal vs Parfocal… Which One To Choose?

Have you always wondered why your zoom lens changes focus when you zoom in/out? That is what you call a ‘varifocal’ lens (the opposite of ‘parfocal’, meaning focusing does not change).   If you’re undecided, ‘parfocal’ is the type of lens you would prefer for shooting videos.  

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Why It’s Not A Great Idea To Use Cheap Filters (or Any Filters At All)

In the days of film, film was sensitive to UV rays and UV or Skylight filters were necessary to block out that spectrum.   Nowadays, the digital sensors of our cameras are able to effectively filter out those UV rays so we can produce more pure images.   Because of …

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Beginner’s Guide to Choosing Your First Camera

Photography is one of the greatest hobbies mankind has invented. It is a medium that is used for documenting, for creative purposes, and also for self expression. If you have a mobile phone, chances are, you already have your own camera. It’s a great introduction to photography because you get to …

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