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REVIEW: Jinnuolang Camera Backpack

Two months ago, I saw this camera backpack to be on sale at only P1,200. Perfect timing, because my shoulders have been experiencing so much pain from using my camera shoulder bag (carrying 4 to 5 lenses for testing every time). This camera bag has plenty of cool features which …

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FIRST IMPRESSION: Pilot ‘Soudelor’ Camera Shoulder Bag

  Oh look, it arrives today! It’s a Pilot ‘Soudelor’ Camera Shoulder Bag. I was jolted in my sleep around lunch time (being the night owl that I am) that the item arrived in just two days because I was expecting it to arrive by next week pa. Hmmm, it …

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The Yongnuo YN-160 III Is Unboxed!

If you’re looking for affordable lighting for photography and video work, then look no further than in Yongnuo’s YN-160 III lighting. The lighting is very powerful and has ample lumens to light up your room. It is also dimmable for flexible effects. The box comes with the unit itself, the …

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Unboxing of the Globe Prepaid Home Wi-Fi

  Today, we bring you a quick unboxing for the fast and furious new¬†Globe Prepaid Home Wi-Fi. It’s a pleasure to have this at home because it offers fast connectivity especially for multiple users.   You can get this for P1,999.00 one time payment. What’s great is that there’s no …

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