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FUJINON Super EBC 23mm f/2, Must Have Wide Angle Lens!


The FUJINON Super EBC 23mm f/2 is a wide angle prime lens made especially for Fuji X mount. On first impression, it’s a tiny little prime lens, much tinier than most tiny lenses are. That’s how small it is. In case you need to attach filters, the 43mm one will fit here.

On APS-C sensor, 23mm acts like a normal lens but still with a wide view. That’s why it’s very flexible for many uses. Such as street photography, interior, landscape, buildings, and even selfies.


The body is made of metal and glass and it feels like you are holding something very sturdy and durable built lens. Nothing can go wrong.

As for the image quality, it’s a perfect lens already. Perfect from its widest aperture of f/2, down to the smallest aperture. The colors, sharpness and contrast are consistently pleasing to see. Here are my sample shots below, showing you the depth of field, bokeh quality, sharpness, contrast and color saturation at f/2, f/4, f/8 and f/16. If I didn’t indicate the aperture value, you can’t tell which is which because of the consistency.

For more information about the FUJINON Super EBC XF 23mm f/2:

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