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The New FUJIFILM X100F… Why You Should Get One NOW


Here comes the new compact digital camera for 2017 (announced February), the FUJINON X100F (4th generation). It comes with a superior wide angle prime lens with wide aperture, the FUJINON Super EBC 23mm f/2.


The 23mm f/2 lens built into the FUJIFILM X100F is not just limited to a fixed 23mm focal length, but through the camera’s Wide and Tele Converter feature — you can select between 23mm, 41mm, 58mm, 70mm and 100mm. This makes this new 2017 camera ideal for shooting street, landscape, indoor, low light scenes, portrait, selfies and macros.


The stylish design of the new FUJIFILM X100F resembles the cool-looking rangefinder cameras from the old film days, but packed with neat digital electronics inside and a 23mm f/2 wide angle prime lens. The feeling that one gets is that of excellent quality and build. Everything is made of chrome steel/metal, and the black leather also gives the camera a feeling of timeless beauty.


The FUJIFILM X100F uses a high-density 24.3 megapixel X-Trans III CMOS sensor that helps in shooting indoor and low light scenes with high ISO value and still get clean images. (The ISO ranges from ISO200 to ISO12800.)


The size is pretty compact, it easily fits in my pocket! That makes it nice for travel and street photography. In addition to its lightweight and compact form, it also adds stealth factor to the user, as it doesn’t attract unwanted attention that one gets from a bigger camera and lens combo.


Functionality-wise, FUJIFILM X100F is an ergonomically and well thought design that has everything the photographer needs at the right places. For example, they have a new toggle switch at the front of the camera that lets you toggle between the Electronic View Finder and the Optical View Finder. Also situated at the same location is the autofocus button that lets you AF even in manual mode. The autofocus is silent and fast.


The FUJIFILM X100F comes with Fuji’s proprietary Film Simulation Mode. The colors are beautifully rendered thanks to Fuji engineers, you will have a hard time picking which mode appeals most to you (I love the Astia and Classic Chrome tho).


Owners of the previous generations of the X100 should also take a look at the new FUJIFILM X100F and some new features/improvements that comes along with it, making it a great addition to the roster of new digital compact cameras this 2017. The retro design, ergonomics and great image quality as its strong features. Check out the specs and our sample photos/videos below.


Announced February 2017

24MP X-Trans CMOS sensor

Hybrid Optical/Electronic viewfinder

Built-in FUJINON Super EBC 23mm f/2

Joystick for setting AF point

Dial for ISO control (ISO 200-12800)

Focus ring customizable when not in MF mode

Revised menus

Finer-grained image parameters

Higher voltage NP-W126S battery with percentage usage indication

Wide/Tele Converter (23mm, 41mm, 58mm, 70mm, 100mm)

Available in Black and Silver


PhP 72,990.00


Visit FUJIFILM Philippines at:


Complete Specs:



FUJIFILM X100F Sample Shots (4)

FUJIFILM X100F Sample Shots (3)

FUJIFILM X100F Sample Shots (1)

FUJIFILM X100F Sample Shots (2)

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